Greg is dedicated to his injured clients, their families and their needs. Over the years, he has earned a reputation among his litigators and clients for being a passionate lawyer. Once committed to taking on a case, Greg is committed to providing the best legal representation possible. That`s why they dedicate themselves to accessing the Member Centre to manage your documents, download legal forms, and find information about your other plan benefits. Do you have any legal questions? Get answers by scheduling a consultation with a LegalZoom plan lawyer. Get help from a legal lawyer if you need it. No expensive hourly fees. No surprise prices. Greg is also an experienced pilot and can experience first-hand cases of plane crash victims. In short, Greg is an excellent lawyer with many talents, decades of experience, and a reputation for his exceptional legal and procedural skills. Greg`s legal efforts have raised more than $75 million for victims of For more than thirty years, Greg Zeuthen has dedicated his legal career as a personal injury attorney in Portland to supporting victims and their families. He defends the interests of those who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of negligent companies and individuals. This allows Greg to help relieve the overwhelming stress associated with a serious accident.

Because it wants you to focus on restoring and rebuilding your life, it helps you navigate the legal system. It explains all the legal options and is there for you every step of the way. Greg will also work tirelessly to ensure justice is done on your behalf to ensure that those who have harmed you pay for the harm they have caused. As a founder, there are many legal issues to learn at every stage of the startup journey, from incorporation to financing to hiring. We`ve compiled a range of open source information to help you understand important legal issues. We hope you find this resource useful! At Zangari Cohn Cuthbertson Duhl & Grello P.C., we have combined our diverse practice areas, interests and decades of experience to provide smart and effective legal and business solutions in a rapidly changing global marketplace. You are not alone. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a very important decision and should not be taken lightly. If you or a loved one has been hurt by someone else`s negligence, you should hire a personal injury lawyer. You`ll want to find someone who not only has experience, tenacity, and legal expertise, but also really cares about helping those who are injured. Gregory K. Zeuthen is that lawyer.

We help you overcome the legal challenges of raising capital to finance the growth of your business. Welcome to the law firm Irina Z. Barahona. We are a Texas-based law firm focused on providing our clients with a range of exceptional and timely legal services. We are different because we are responsive. We tailor our representation to your legal needs. We offer unbundled legal services and fixed-rate agreements to better meet our clients` needs and expectations. We don`t sell forms, we create solutions. Amber Zupancic-Albin is the founder and owner of Zupancic Albin Law, P.C.

As a world-class, award-winning lawyer with over 12 years of legal experience (including litigation), Amber provides exceptional advice and support to a wide range of clients. As part of her practice, Amber regularly consults with small business owners, entrepreneurs and healthcare providers, providing them with the highly personalized advice they need to make the most informed decisions. Recognized as one of the top specialty law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, SPZ provides exceptional legal services to growing emerging companies at a fraction of the cost. Ask business law questions, get advice in specific situations, have your business contracts reviewed by a lawyer and much more. Over the past 12 years, more than 2 million businesses and families have used LegalZoom for their wills, trademarks, LLCs and more. With LegalZoom, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Consultations are free of charge. If Greg takes over your case, he won`t get paid unless you win. Call Portland attorney Greg today at 503-227-7257 or fill out the application form for a free consultation. “The only way to survive is to be kind. The only way to cope in this world is through the help we receive from others. No one can do it alone, no matter how good the machines are.

Suddenly, you are overwhelmed with physical and emotional pain and suffering. You are unable to go to work, pay your rising medical bills or, most importantly, meet your family`s needs. Then you get scared and overwhelmed because you don`t know what you`re entitled to or what to do next. As a result, things are getting worse. If you`ve been hurt through no fault of your own and need a personal injury attorney in Portland, contact Greg Zeuthen today. “Martin was professional. Very informative. Friendly and answered all my questions. He was open about the accuracy of his answer, which allowed me to feel confident to make the right decision.

Thank you Martin for your openness. Greg started practicing law because he wanted to help people. It continues to help the injured who have found themselves in unfortunate situations where they cannot help themselves. Because Greg truly cares about his cases and loves his job, he is attentive to your needs as a client and is always available via email, phone call or text message to answer your questions or concerns. Greg is also compassionate and kind. He treats everyone, including the opposing defender, with respect and professionalism. If you are starting your own clinic or need health care advice, Amber (a nurse lawyer) is highly qualified in this area and will have you covered. Greg is an enthusiastic and lifelong learner. He digs deep to get the facts and tries to figure out the details of your case. Greg is recognized for his expertise in following up on LASIK and refractive eye surgery. Over the past 18 years of working with LASIK patients, he has developed an impressive knowledge of the medicine and medical practices of this procedure.

As a result, he is a highly sought-after advocate of LASIK misconduct. As external general counsel, we offer our start-up clients a range of commercial law services. From incorporation to financing and beyond, you can count on us to get it right without breaking the bank. That means more money for hiring, marketing, and operations! No one ever thinks that they or someone they love will ever be victims of an accident that results in catastrophic, life-changing injuries. A corporation is a separate entity under the law. The business structure can help protect the owners of the business – the shareholders of the corporation – from liability and help them reduce their taxes in certain circumstances. Several times in the process of dealing with disgruntled beneficiaries, I thought it would be wise to take a certain direction, and Martin presented me with a different path several times. He never missed a beat.

The contentious issues have been resolved and the liquidation of the estate has been completed. My top priority during this time is to maintain the health of employees, customers, colleagues and business partners. I have procedures in place so that all functions of the company can continue. We help you set up a business unit for your startup, whether as a company or LLC. We help you protect your valuable intellectual property, including your brand image through trademarks. Are you confused about your options? Answer a few simple questions and find out which one might be right for you. We support your sales department in drafting and negotiating purchase agreements and other commercial agreements. A brand is one of the most important business assets you will ever own. It distinguishes your company and its products in the market. Our team of talented and dedicated start-up lawyers think creatively to help you minimize risk and cost.