Which bikes come from factory roadside approval and can pass inspection in New Jersey? and also have a sales contract stating that they are NOT “just for off-road use” MY PHONE NUMBER IS LISTED ABOVEOne or the sale is my 1975 Yamaha DT100 EnduroThe bike is legal on the road and in the original condition and paint. The original has 1800 miles. I bought from Vintage Point Miami 3 and a half years with 1500 miles. He was kept in the garage all the time. The bike. Hello! I have a nice Yamaha Enduro xt225Super fun good beginner bike. ready for roadClean title and recording! Also comes with a helmet! Call me or text me at 317-617-9109Also the little red Honda xr80 is titled and registered until 2022 and for sale for $1500 BTW: I think you could use a website I found in a thread here on TT www.xt225.com It is also 🙂 based on NJ Check the project area, he put a pump carburetor on his XT225 and has now developed the jet. I will receive one of Sudco`s pump carbs and one of his jet kits when he releases them. (Hey Brian, do you have more space in the TT store?) The 2003 Yamaha XT225 is a versatile machine that can do just about anything you throw at it, as long as you`re not looking for World Superbike performance with its 223cc single-cylinder engine. With a fairly low saddle but plenty of ground clearance, the 2003 XT225 will also sink on and off the road, with a gearbox designed to allow for fast travel on the road, and plenty of torque at the bottom when it comes time to push. 100% legal on the road – hand protection of turn signals, rear brake light, headlights, turn signal reading, horn (enduro tusk lighting kit and Acerbis headlights) This bike is the enduro version of the yz and the dirt bike chain has made many videos about it. Very funny trail weapon!2015 but barely going. What other dual-sport NJ road bikes are there for New Jerseyers? On the road, the XT`s great handling is quickly noticed.

With a wheelbase of just 53.1 inches, the bike tends to handle downtown traffic and turn very well. At first glance, the first gear of the bike seemed too low. However, it didn`t take me long to get used to it, and it was a plus for the later hike. During the city ride, I really felt at home on the bike. The transmission is well suited for driving in the city center. The mirrors, signals and dashboard are located in comfortable positions in the cockpit. The XT`s standard instrumentation includes a speedometer with a resettable odometer and indicator lights for neutral high beams, high beams and turn signals. I noticed that the day meter and odometer were slightly off. The manual and pedal controls also have good positioning and throws when changing gears and braking. On the way to the highway, the XT accelerates well and gains enough speed to safely reach most road traffic. Once you`ve shifted all gears to sixth place, you`ll notice that the bike can travel pretty easily up to about 75 miles per hour.

However, I felt that the ride was the most stable, traveling at 65 miles per hour. At one point, as I was climbing a long steep slope, I felt the engine start to jam and my top speed dropped to about 52 miles per hour. As I felt the need for more traction, I moved up to fifth place. The bike agreed to downshift well and pulled hard to accelerate to 62 MPH. As the RPM increased, the bike asked to get back to sixth place, but I realized the power limitation of the bike here and slowed down to stay in fifth place. Due to the XT`s weight and top speed, longer distances can be tricky. If the speed of the bike can be maintained in a range of about 65 to 75 MPH, the long distance is not so bad. Up to a few hundred kilometers per day can be covered relatively comfortably.

Add bad weather, bad traffic, rough roads or steep slopes at high altitudes and the comfort factor decreases. Due to the size of the XT, cycling and cycling are more comfortable on country roads or two-lane highways. I did a few night walks in these conditions. The 60/55 watt halogen headlight in the XT`s enduro style was surprisingly bright. This applies whether you use high beam or low beam headlights. The low beam provided plenty of light to see a good distance right in front of you, but still provided enough light to see a bit of the side of the road. Turn on the high beams and – look at the world – they lit up the street like a football field. This gives each driver extra confidence when driving anywhere in the dark. The beam shines far in front of the bike and 20 feet on either side of the road. This helped me identify potential objects that might have crossed the path in front of me.

Overall, it`s not enough of a bike for an experienced road or dirt rider, but if you want to do a bit of both, it`s a good mount to learn about. Nelson even put the XT through a thorough thrash test to see if anything was wrong. Jumping from rocks, descending ravines, nothing was safe from Len. His only complaint was that his feet sometimes fell off short pegs. The suspension has leaked occasionally, but only in extreme circumstances. Even though it was very hot, the gearbox didn`t want to change gears. We were surprised that none of its road equipment was damaged during the off-road attack. Once upon a time in the seventies, Yamaha`s slogan was “It`s a Better Machine”. At that time, the enduros of the AT, CT and DT series, also known as legal trail bikes on the road, aka double sports, were really.