Women in north-east Tasmania can contact the service via a dedicated hotline and make an appointment in person with one of the lawyers, who travels from Hobart to work in the Launceston office two days a week. In addition to telephone advice, Women`s Legal Service Tasmania is sometimes able to provide cases to clients across Tasmania who need representation in their legal matters. From its Hobart office, Women`s Legal Service Tasmania provides confidential, free legal advice and referrals to women in Tasmania via our telephone advice line. Legal staff are able to provide advice and referrals in all legal matters including: Women`s Legal Service Tasmania provides a free and confidential national service for women with offices in Hobart, Burnie and Launceston. We operate a national helpline and specialist domestic violence units in Burnie and Launceston, particularly for women in North West and North Tasmania who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence. The Burnie office provides legal information, advice, and assistance in all legal matters to clients in the northwestern part of the state who are or have been victims of domestic violence. Women`s Legal Service Tasmania is a municipal legal service funded by the Commonwealth Attorney General`s Department and operates a free, national service with offices in Hobart, Burnie and Launceston. Women`s Legal Service Tasmania manages our national telephone advice from our Hobart office. Wherever you live in Tasmania, your first contact with the service is via our helpline on 1800 682 468, where you can speak directly to a lawyer about your legal issue. If you need an appointment with one of our lawyers, they will tell you how to find us. You can call 1800 service from anywhere in Tasmania and the call will not appear on your phone bill.

For legal advice or assistance, you can contact the Women`s Legal Service via the helpline or call the Burnie office directly if you are in North West Tasmania or our office in Launceston in the North East. For any further information or requests, please call our Hobart office. If you are in North West Tasmania and are or have been a victim of domestic violence, you can contact our Burnie office directly for legal advice and information by calling 03 6419 7050 or visiting our office at 60A Wilmot Street. If you are in North Tasmania and are or have experienced domestic violence and would like legal advice, information or referrals, you can call our office in Launceston directly on 03 6349 1943 or call our office on the ground floor, 63-65 Cameron Street, Launceston. The National Relay Service (NRS) is an Australian telephone service for people with hearing or speech difficulties. NRS can help you contact the Women`s Legal Service Tasmania, stay in touch and get things done. Our telephone advice line is the first point of contact for all legal advice and support. Our Hobart office can be contacted on 03 6231 9466 for all administrative and service requests. Mail for Women`s Legal Service Tasmania can be sent to PO Box 707, North Hobart, 7002. For more information and NFS contact information, visit the National Relay Service information page. Line 1800 runs between 10:00 and 16:00 on weekdays.