To use the wildcard, you must first make your transfers. When you confirm the transfers, the option to play the wild card appears and must be selected for the free transfers to take effect. The wild card is especially useful during an injury crisis, when some of your players are out of action and unable to score points as a result. Apart from the joker, the free move is the strongest token we have. It gives you unlimited transfers in the match week you use it, but the transfers are reversed afterwards and you return to your original team. Since the introduction of chips, I have always set my bench boost so that I combined it with the joker shortly before and played in a double week of play. The joker was introduced a few years ago and helped make the game more interesting and, so to speak, provide a mulligan for competitive fantasy managers. Unlike a wild card, a free move can only be used once per season. You can use the wild card whenever you want, but it can only be used twice during the season, so it`s wise to think carefully about timing. The wild card chip allows you to make unlimited transfers into your team`s budget without scoring a hit point. We get two wildcards and this season the first one in week 16 has to be used. The second wild card will be available on Monday, December 26 (Gameweek 17) and we have until the end of the season to use it.

Luckily for Fantasy Premier League players, you have two FPL wildcards available. It`s natural to want what your friends have, right? Over the years, the types of disposable chips — think of them as power-ups in computer games — have changed. This season we have a free move, a triple captain token, a bench boost token and two wildcards. It is similar to the wild card, but transfers only remain valid for one week of match. The following match week, a player`s team returns to the state it was in before the free kick. In most cases, the joker(s) must be accepted by all players before the cards are dealt and the game begins. There are two general rules for wildcards: wildcards and the “bug”. Recently, the brains behind online gambling have brought the free hit, which is essentially similar to the joker but different. There is also a variant of the “entirely wild” rule where the joker (in this case, it is usually wild as there are traditionally only two and there is only one black and one red) can be any card in the combinations that matches the current card combination.

For example, in a wild game with these rules, the red joker could be used like any heart or diamond card. Conversely, the black joker would be any card with clubs or pikes. A wild card can be used once in the first half of the season (before 11:30 GMT on Saturday 28 December) and once in the second half of the season. However, the wild card (sometimes called the “wild chip”) allows fantasy football players to completely change the composition of their squad, without the effects of a crippling point deduction. It`s also handy in case the original team you chose isn`t good enough or isn`t scoring as many points as you`d hoped. Sometimes your team starts the season very well and then loses its form, after which it may be wise to use the wild card. Game week 13 is also another good time to use your first wild card, as it allows for a more aggressive approach. Since Arsenal and Manchester City were hidden in week 12, you can get rid of all your City and Arsenal assets before match week 12 and take a few bets with high upside potential. This is because you finish your team in game week 12, then you can use those players as wildcards again for game week 13 and set them up to game week 16. It`s a riskier approach, but it also has many advantages. Ultimately, the key is to maximize your wildcard, and the later you play it, the lower the chances of doing so.

The second wild card will be crucial to settle during this period. Therefore, be patient and try not to put yourself in a position where you are forced to use it earlier. Given that we get unlimited transfers during the World Cup (between week 16 and week 17), it will definitely be worth using our first wildcard at the beginning of this season. A common and effective tactic when using the bank boost is to combine it with your second wildcard. This gives managers the opportunity to select the best bench formation and line up for upcoming games. Note that you can`t play two chips in the same week of play – so you need to use a wild card no later than the week before you want to play your bank boost. The second wild card should certainly be kept for the second half of the season when we have the big weeks of double matching. The main double game weeks with teams playing multiple games will be play week 29, play week 34 and play week 37. In fantasy football, a wild card is something that allows unlimited transfers without penalties. Remember that only one token can be active in a week of play and a wild card counts as a token. For example, it is not possible to play your joker and your bank boost in the same week.

Essentially, the free-kick principle is the same as the wild card, so it should be used in similar circumstances. Once the joker is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled, so be careful! A wild card is a bonus token, but it is used in the transfer area. It allows you to make as many transfers as you want on that date, all within the standard budget of £100.0 million. Even if you have made transfers involving point deductions, use the joker and you do not lose any points. Week 9 (the one we`re in right now) is a good time to enjoy it, as we can take advantage of calendar fluctuations for teams like Leicester City, Chelsea and Crystal Palace, for example, and skip players from Arsenal and Brighton when their games get tougher. The four Wild Card Series will take place over three consecutive days between October 7 and 9. October 10 will be a day off for clubs that remain off-season. In order for a team to start its starting pitcher from Game 1 of the wild card series for Game 1 of the Division Series, the pitcher would have to begin a three-day break. This new format focuses not only on winning a division, but also on finishing the season with the best or second best record in the league. If you`re not in the top two, your team will impose its pitching staff before it arrives at the Division Series against a team that has the luxury of resting and setting up its rotation for the Division Series at will. Now there are three wildcard teams in each league.

Six teams – the three division champions and the three wildcard teams – will qualify for the playoffs in each league for a brand new fall tournament with 12 teams. Fantasy Premier League gives you two FPL transfer windows whenever you want – so you can change your entire team without deducting points. Online fantasy football has become a bit more sophisticated over the years, with the creators of the official Premier League game adding props here and there. The four best-of-five division series will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 11. National League teams play on October 12 and American League teams have a day off. On October 13, National League teams will have a day off and American League teams will be back for Game 2. ALDS will pause again on Friday, October 14. NL will play Game 4 (if necessary) on Saturday, October 15, while AL will play Game 3. The Division Series will run until Monday, October 17, if necessary. After the Wild Card Series, the playoffs will be more like something fans are used to. Jokers no longer exist.

They were replaced by a full wild-card round of the playoffs. The Bench Boost chip allows you to score points with your four bench players as well as your starting XI. It is usually best to use it in a week of double play, as this means that we can potentially earn points from 30 games if you have a complete list of players with a week of double play. That effectively gives you a team of 15 men. Does the Wild Card Game still exist? No, the wildcard single-elimination game, which was used from 2012 to 2019 and again in 21, has been replaced by a best-of-three wild card series. Will teams be restored after the Wild Card Series? No. The No. 1 seed will meet the winner of the Wild Card Series between positions 4/5, while the No. 2 seed will meet the winner of the No.

3/6 series. This ensures that the No. 1 seed in the division round does not face another division winner while retaining the bracket system. Abdul Rehman is an experienced Premier League fantasy expert. He`s been playing the game for over 15 years and has been in the top 1k four times, and he also has six top-5k rankings to his name.