-The oversized 1″ x 4″ embossed label area in the middle fits extra large file labels that facilitate visual scanning virtually indestructible TUFF briefcase with a classic look for years of heavy use. FasTab hanging backrests have built-in sturdy reinforced tabs that are firmly attached to the backrest without the need for assembly. Organize your files beautifully with coordinated color ordering so you can easily find the documents you need when you need them. A perfect solution for everyday filing needs, Smead`s colorful folders with reinforced tabs are designed to keep your desk tray or drawer system tidy. Your office cabinet can improve organization with fewer lost and damaged documents if you integrate a color-coded filing system into your office. Customize your office layout with coordinated color files in trendy colors. Includes 100 legal size backrests (14-5/8″ W x 9-1/2″ H total, body H 9″) in white with a cut 1/3 tab for printed or handwritten labels. Two-layer reinforced tabs provide extra strength where you need it most, making these top-tab folders a perfect choice for frequently accessed files and important documents. The durable 11-point warehouse shirts are dotted for a 3/4″ extension. Improve ranking efficiency when you find exactly what you need and get your house and office in order with our colorful filing solutions. Proudly manufactured in the United States, these robust binders contain 10% recycled content, 10% post-consumer materials and are SFI Sourcing certified.

• A rich heritage of innovation and quality. As the world`s leading provider of effective document management solutions, Smead is a women-owned company known for its high-quality, environmentally friendly products and innovative organizational systems. For over a century, Smead has been committed to one goal: to keep you organized! These colorful files are proudly made in the United States and support American jobs and the economy. -Premium heavy 18pt map material (compared to traditional 11pt Manila files) Get the most out of your files with colorful folders. Enhance your personal workspace with eye-catching colors that make its fall a pleasant experience. Their colorful folders are easy to spot around the room. Administration is now easier and much more elegant. Large folders, long-lasting feel, and I didn`t notice it until someone mentioned that it gives a much more uniform look. If I had more space on the wall, I`d have more fillers – quick access really helps my job. I get a little annoyed now when I have to rummage through my filing cabinets. Excellent product. A great improvement to speed up the daily organization.

SuperTab products have an oversized labeling area that allows you to quickly find information. File folders with two-layer reinforced tabs are more durable than standard file folders and provide extra strength where you need it most. Up Filer Folders – 18pt thick uncoated paper, legal size. These are the perfect complement to your Up Filer organizer and give him a uniform. We designed these folders with an oversized embossed label area located at the bottom center of the file for easy visual scanning. With flexibility in mind, we`ve retained a traditional top tab, but designed to provide full width for maximum document protection and the possibility of double labeling if desired. You`ll feel the difference – these heavy folders can handle frequent usage and be loaded without becoming a floppy disk. Dropping it shouldn`t be a chore. Bring color to your filing system and speed up filing and recovery time with Smead`s colorful file folders – a perfect solution for everyday filing so you can easily find what you need when you need it. Label your files by color to quickly find departmental files, track important files, and protect document privacy. Documents are easy to find if you file them with a color system in your office or home.

Customize your office layout with color-coordinated files. I love the system, My office is now very organized and it remains so! -Triple expansion values along the lower back allow you to enlarge the folder 3/4″ -Contains recycled content and is certified Sustainable Forestry Initiative Sourcing. *If you store fragile or acidic items, we recommend nesting them with an acid-free fabric to provide extra protection and prevent acid migration. Smead solutions keep you organized in your home office, workplace, hybrid work arrangements and travel. Over the past century, Smead has defined the meaning of the family heritage and woven their rich history into what they are today. With an unparalleled commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Smead leads with innovation to create authentic products and solutions for the modern worker.