As a student of Northeastern LL.M. You`ll take courses with law students in the U.S. and around the world by world-class faculty who will help you succeed as a lawyer. With a concentration in International Business Law, you can expect to take courses such as Business, International Business Transactions, International Trade Law, and Law and Economic Development. NUSOL works with international universities such as East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai, so you will get a truly global experience through this program. To apply to NUSOL, you must have a law degree and submit your official transcripts, a two-page letter of personal intent, a letter of recommendation, and your resume. Case Western Reserve University is located in Cleveland, OH. It was founded as a merger of two schools, one of which is a research university and the other is an institute of technology. Today, Case Western has more than 11,000 students and dozens of academic and professional programs. Case Western is best known for its schools of economics, law, and medicine.

UCLA Law offers a specialized LLM degree in business law. In addition to studying federal income tax and trade associations, you will also have the opportunity to explore the full spectrum of business law concepts, issues and trends. Elective courses include, for example: Earning an LLM degree from Case Western will not only build a solid foundation in international business law, but also enhance your writing and communication skills. The Case Westerns program emphasizes practical development and gives graduates the confidence to apply U.S. business law and international business transactions to real-world scenarios. Some of the courses you take at Case Western include: WNE offers one of the best online MBA programs in the area. Students develop specialist knowledge in various business functions and may also opt for a concentration in Business Law. Core classes in the MBA program cover topics such as accounting, financial management, and marketing management. Participants choose nine elective courses from a range of business law topics such as contracts, income tax and employment law.

Master`s degrees average around $66,340, but the cost varies a bit from school to school. Students in public institutions typically pay a fraction of what participants in private schools or non-state learners pay in public institutions. Northwestern Law is an excellent place to study business law. It offers a three-year JD/MBA program with a range of business law courses. But it also offers corporate concentration. Students have the opportunity to work with the Donald Pritzker Entrepreneurship Law Center. You will also take courses such as: Most of our Master of Business Law rankings are LLM. Degrees that offer advanced training in legal education and bring global recognition. A Juris Doctor (JD) degree is a graduate degree that prepares students to practice law, and many LLM programs require applicants to already have a JS degree before they begin.

A Master of Juridical Studies (MLS) is a degree designed for students who are pursuing basic legal education and generally do not require prior legal training. This core course appears in virtually all Master of Business Law programs. Business Law and Ethics courses address challenging issues in the areas of responsibility, employment and international business law. The course also addresses the evolution of business standards, including shifts towards social and environmental responsibility. The focus on business law offers you the opportunity to develop critical knowledge about the complex legal issues of today`s businesses. The courses cover a wide range of general business topics as well as laws relevant to entrepreneurship and legal business obligations. Students who choose this major often seek a deeper understanding of the legal ecosystem in the business environment. Vanderbilt University, an independent private university and home to the famous Vanderbilt University Medical Center, is known for its strong academics and research. From Vanderbilt Law School, you`ll find the LLM Law and Business Track Degree, a rigorous full-time program focused on “corporate law, securities regulation, finance, accounting, and corporate governance principles” (Vanderbilt program page).

Many students also incorporate internships into their program and, seriously, what better place to gain hands-on experience than the nation`s capital? Georgetown Law has one of the largest alumni networks of any law school in the country, with more than 40,000 graduates worldwide. Georgetown Law reviews applications holistically, so check the admission requirements here. Legal issues concern companies at all stages of development. In a complex and multifaceted environment, the Master of Legal Studies focused on business law helps you acquire important information about the legal framework and the problems that all companies face. This one-year program is not intended for those who intend to practice law, but for those who want to understand the legal framework within which the company operates. Boston College`s LLM program allows students to pursue a concentration in business and business law. In British Columbia, you will work with professors who are leaders in their field while immersing yourself in the ins and outs of the U.S. legal system.