First of all, I don`t know of any legal obligation anywhere in the world that requires you to have an HSE legal registry. So, strictly speaking, no, you really don`t need it. While managing symptoms of stress and anxiety should be everyone`s responsibility and there are many strategies that employees can use to support their own stress management, employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees from workplace stress by assessing potential risks and responding to the results (known as the “management standards approach”). Equally surprising to me is that the vast majority of companies that have some sort of HSE legal register have one that is incomplete and/or obsolete. A legal register is nothing more than a compilation of laws and regulations that apply to HSE issues in your company. These can be compiled and stored at will, from records to sophisticated web-based systems. You can purchase the HSE legal register from many suppliers or consultants, including Redlog Environmental. Or, as I suggested in a previous blog post, you can build one yourself. Read how to create your own HSE legal registry, where I provide a step-by-step process to develop a simple HSE legal registry and downloadable file as a template. The registry alone is meaningless; rather, it is a tool that helps you and your business solve a business problem, which is compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Nothing more. Nothing less. What`s more important is what you do with it.

Read my previous blog post on compliance audits for more information on this critical topic – How to conduct your own HSE compliance audit. Security guards can address any concerns and have the legal right to: When asked about their employer`s performance, only 1 in 4 respondents were completely satisfied with the company`s offer, while a significant proportion said that while there are some options, it is not clear or confusing how they can access or use this additional support. Analyzing data such as turnover rates and sick leave can be a good first step in understanding how satisfied employees are with their work, but it may not be enough. Understanding the impact of role requirements on employees` physical and mental health is critical. In this short blog post, I will discuss whether or not you really need an HSE legal registry, or is it just a consultants` trick to sell services and sellers to sell products! Under these regulations, employers are required to report a variety of work-related incidents, injuries and illnesses to the nearest local authority`s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or environmental health department. The regulation requires an employer to record in an accident log the date and time of the incident, the details of the persons involved, the nature of their injury or condition, their occupation, the location where the event occurred, and a brief note of what happened. The Act imposes a legal duty on employers to ensure, to the extent possible, the health, safety and well-being of workers and to ensure that workers and others are protected. The Federal Register is a legal journal published every weekday by the National Archives and Records Administration on federal news. It includes federal agency regulations, proposed rules, public announcements, executive orders, proclamations, and other presidential documents.

According to the above provisions, employers are required by law to consult all designated representatives in their workplace. Most people who have used LiveSmart have identified a number of areas that they would appreciate as a business advantage. For example, 1 in 2 users would like to get more discounts on gyms and sports facilities in addition to flexible hours to allow for more exercise options in their day, while 1 in 3 would like to focus more on improving their diet, either with nutrition seminars or healthier food options in offices. Instead of providing a generic support program that includes all areas that can be costly and ultimately underutilized, focusing on 1 or 2 actions based on what the majority of your employees value can increase employee satisfaction while keeping wellness programs within budget. As an added bonus, offering a personalized wellness program and feeling that each employee is valued and heard can reduce turnover, increase productivity, and highlight a company`s position as an attractive place to work.