The U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center is still occupied. Seafarers who need to renew their licence must begin the process before its expiry date. At what time? Some say at least 3 months in advance. When it comes to your credentials, you don`t want to be caught with your pants down. To renew a master`s licence, you need 360 days of documented marine service in the last five years. If you do not have this sea time and are in the one-year grace period, you can take the deck licence renewal course instead of this marine service requirement. To renew your BVPU/Master Deck license, you must be able to demonstrate 360 days (one year) of marine service in the last five years. This must be verified by completing the Small Vessel Marine Service form or by submitting a letter from a ship owner or company to verify your service at sea. Many boat masters are in the process of being renewed, but for a variety of reasons they are unable to meet the Coast Guard one-year service requirement. For example, if you currently own a Master 200 BRT Near Coastal, an Able Seaman Special and a Lifeboatman, you will take an open book test for each of them. Remember, you`ve sailed and gotten your original national license, so the open book test should be a breeze! Coast Guard statistics show that most delays in the approval process are due to errors and omissions in the preparation of application documents.

The application package for a USCG Master`s License varies depending on the license you are applying for, but the necessary requirements are covered in the video and subsequent paragraphs. To renew your MMC licence, submit an MMC licence renewal application to the Coast Guard with a new physical examination, drug test or letter from the pharmaceutical consortium and you can demonstrate 360 days (one year) of service in the last five years. The service must be verified by providing either proof of ownership of the vessel, a letter from the shipowner or a company verifying the service. Many licensees are often about to be renewed, but for some reason they do not have the eligible year of service. The Coast Guard allows the licensee to complete and pass a full open-book exercise instead of showing eligible service. The open book exercise is sent to the person by the Coast Guard, who must take the open book exercise and return it to the Coast Guard. The problem many have with the renewal of the open book exercise is that they do not have or do not have access to the myriad of publications and reference materials needed to verify their answers or pass the open book exercise. The Coast Guard requires you to document the time you have spent on the water. The requirements for marine service vary greatly depending on the licence you are applying for. This information is recorded using the Marine Service Form CG 719-S for Small Vessels or Marine Service Letters provided by your employer(s). If you are submitting marine service forms to claim time on your own vessel(s), you will need to prove that you actually own the vessel on which you wish to claim time.

This can be easily achieved by providing records of your boat`s registration, vessel documentation, insurance card or proof of purchase. The application forms required for the Master`s Licence can be found here. What additional requirements do I need to meet to renew my current credentials? If you are applying for a 25-, 50- or 100-ton master license, you must prove your U.S. citizenship. A certified copy of your birth certificate or passport meets this requirement. Submit the following documents, along with photo identification, to your USCG Regional Examination Center to request renewal of your USCG Captain License: By now, you should have a transportation worker ID card. With this map, the U.S. Coast Guard conducts its background checks.

Even if you don`t use this card (Charter Boat Captain), you may want to keep it up to date. Keep in mind that if your TWIC card is about to expire (within 6 months), you can also renew it. The cost of this renewal is $125.00. Be sure to make an appointment with your local TWIC office to extend. Walk-in tours are allowed, but they always make appointments first, so if you don`t have an appointment, you could be sitting there all day. If you cannot meet the Coast Guard`s renewal requirements, you can renew your licence with a “confirmation of continuity”. A continuity note allows you to keep the licence, but it does not allow you to legally operate vessels under the licensing authority. In order to eliminate continuity restrictions, the licensee must comply with the normal renewal requirements. To renew your licence, you must pass a physical and drug test. When you receive your physical exam, make sure the doctor completes CG 719K. I suggest going somewhere where these physical exercises are done regularly.

This can be very confusing (even for doctors). You can also take a USCG-approved renewal course for each of your national approvals. We believe it`s a waste of time and money, but you`re welcome to do it! Master`s licences are issued with an expiry date of 5 years. You can`t work on an expired license, but there is a 1-year grace period before it`s completely lost and you have to start over. Most applicants begin the authorization process by carefully reading and completing CG Form 719-B. This form is used for all Coast Guard certifications for initial Coast Guard applications and licence renewals. In your application package, you must prove that you have or have applied for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC).