A number of Native American tribal governments held elections for tribal leaders in 2020. As with other elections in the country, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted many elections, delayed primaries, and moved some votes from face-to-face to mail-in voting. Presidential election. [11] [12] However, this was the ninth consecutive presidential election in which the winning candidate of the major party did not receive a double-digit majority of votes ahead of the candidate(s) of the major losing party(ies), continuing the longest such presidential election streak in U.S. history, which began in 1988 and eclipsed the longest streak to date from 1876 to 1900 in 2016. [305] [Note 1] [306] In 2020, 58% of U.S. voters lived in counties affected by landslides,[307] up from 61% in 2016. [308] Thirty-five of the 100 seats in the U.S. Senate were up for election, including all 34 Class 3 Senate seats. Along with the regular Class 3 elections, a special election was held to fill a Class 2 vacancy in Oklahoma. As the term of senators is six years, the last regular elections for Class 3 senators were held in 2016.

The winners of the Senate elections will be sworn in to the 118th U.S. Congress on January 3, 2023. Before the election, both Democrats and Republicans held 50 seats, but Democrats had majorities because of their control over the vice president, who has the power to sever ties in the Senate. [2] In the Senate elections, Republicans defended 21 seats, including six seats that remained open due to resignations. The Democrats defended fourteen seats, including one open seat. [207] Demographic trends related to country of origin and candidate preferences have emerged. Pre- and post-election polls showed that Biden won Latinos of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican descent,[361] and Spanish,[362] while Trump had Latinos of Cuban descent. Florida data showed that Biden has a narrow lead among South Americans. [363] On November 18, the Trump campaign transferred $3 million to pay for partial recounts in Milwaukee and Dane counties in Wisconsin, where Milwaukee and Madison, the state`s two largest cities and Democratic strongholds, are located. [511] During the recount, Milwaukee County election commissioner Tim Posnanski said several Republican observers were breaking the rules by posing as independents.