I`m not unchallenged, there`s still a bunch of people in this race, we`re going to focus on showing the American people that we can`t have another “conservative campaign.” “undisputed armed forces”; “The candidate was not challenged” There were also complaints that the SFWA was too isolated and its executive actions too opaque; This was illustrated recently by the electoral vote, in which all leadership positions were held unopposed, in other words, one person for the president, one for the vice president, etc., without any box indicating that you did not want to vote for that person. He will begin a six-year term as president on September 1, replacing incumbent President S.R. Nathan, who won two consecutive terms unopposed. The four-time Iowa Golden Gloves champion won the 201-pound title at last year`s venerable unresilient event, saying he was preparing for this weekend`s national boxing showcase at AllPlay in downtown Des Moines as if facing a challenge. Mike Fleck ran three times unopposed, but appears to have been defeated by a writing candidate after coming out in 2012. But we must not imagine that these functions are performed without resistance. They also run largely unopposed, and women and people of colour are severely underrepresented among incumbent DAs. Given that half of U.S. adults have an immediate family member who has been or is incarcerated, and that more than 90 percent of the prison population is held nationally and locally, our local prosecutors are more important than ever. As you can see repeatedly when the Oregon Law and Justice PAC was asked who their donor was, they kept it secret all the time, despite the fact that his opponent ran ads saying secret billionaires are funding his campaign and he won`t tell us who the billionaires are. Thayer told Fox News. * Rogge wins second term unopposed * Stay until 2013 (updates with details, Quotes) By Karolos Grohmann The bills were widely passed and passed by the House of Lords without opposition.

In crucial votes on Capitol Hill, measures favored by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) are often passed without opposition. On the other hand, an unopposed primary is less exciting than a simply boring primary. If the current growth rate of “demographics” and “extreme community” continues without resistance, the last game on earth will take place between the Chinese and the Muslims. Reagan won because he ran against Jimmy Carter. If he had run unopposed, he would have lost. Because of his own position, Grant won without resistance. You told me all kinds of outrageous things for half an hour, and now you`re crying, be patient. Until the last day, it looked like the current mayor of Corner Brook, Charles Pender, would begin a second term unopposed for the mayor`s chair. There are only two ways to run a political race: frightened or unchallenged. They may have big political ambitions, he said, citing city attorney Rocky Delgadillo, who ran unopposed for a second term in 2005 but still raised nearly $1.4 million. At about eight o`clock they entered the Grey Brothers without resistance and massacred all the Huguenots they found. The threats were published three days before Blatter, who will announce details of a promised anti-corruption campaign when FIFA member countries granted the 75-year-old Swiss official a final unopposed four-year term in June.

On Thursday, two days after an election day in which Brady won another term in the Senate unopposed, this is simply NOT true for Obama supporters who “claim” that Clinton ran unopposed. She entered without resistance (at least Obama) and joined this state and FL to turn her nose up at the DNC mandate. In all the noblest parts of the city, the loops roll their turbulent tide: in the parties, they now fight from top to bottom, like armies, without resistance, to share the spoils. Dryden. The Washington Post: National, World & DC Area News and Headlines – The Washington Post Obama adds two superdelegates, one is a former Clinton Pride supporter, Are You Hit? your hope was to have reached the pinnacle of your aspiration without resistance, the throne of God without supervision. John Milton, at para. Lost. WN.com – Article related to Manchester United star Ryan Giggs for European footballer of the year a month ago.

The people, like an upside-down torrent, And when they break or overflow the dam, but without resistance, they either lose their strength, or they squirm in crowds at their old course. Dryden. Clinton considers “options” — but says superdelegates could change Without resistance, they would continue their devastation; And the earth that had flowed with milk and honey was soon to be a great ruin.