Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of osteoarthritis. More than 10 million people in North Americans have knee osteoarthritis. It is also the most common cause of disability in the North America. Early diagnosis and treatment help manage knee osteoarthritis symptoms. Pain is the main symptom of Knee OA, and joint cartilage is the target of knee OA.

15 patients with knee pain were recruited through a chiropractor clinic within a month. All the patients had pain in at least one knee for the last 48 hours and lasted for more than two months. The age of the patients is from 40 to 65. The symptomatic leg was positioned under a Genesis pain relief light for 30 minutes. There into, 10 minutes for each side ‘knee eye’, 10 minutes for a pain point indicated by patient self. The treatment was 1 time per day and lasted for two weeks. Patients were asked to mark their pain on a 10 cm line (VAS) with left end means no pain and right end extreme pain before and after the treatment. A West Ontario and McMaster arthritis symptom evaluation form (WOMAC) was given to patients to fill in before and after the treatment to compare the score changes for pain, stiffness and functional difficulty of effected knee.

Knee pain from osteoarthritis can be alleviated by using near infrared light after two week treatment. There were 56% patients with a significant decrease of pain level, 48% and 32% having improvement of stiffness and function loss. Totally, 87% patient experienced a significant improvement in knee symptoms.

Conclusion:  Genesis pain relief light can significantly improve knee pain after a two week treatment interval. The near infrared light therapy has effect on more than 80% of patients.