Current Research

Genesis has done a series researches about relief pain of knee osteoarthritis (OA), carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and diabetic wound in 2010. In the knee OA study, we collected 30 patients with knee pain in the last two days and the last two months. The patients received 15 mins lighting on each knee eye of lateral and medial side, the total treatment time is 30 mins. For the CTS, there was 30 patients joined the study. Each of them received light treatment on palm, wrist and elbow for 10 mins to each point, the total treatment time is 30 mins. After one week treatment, one time per day, there was 56% patient with a significant decrease of pain and stiffness in knee arthritis; 74% pain improvement happened in carpal tunnel syndrome patient.

From 2011 June to September, we did an observational study of diabetic wound healing using Genesis health light. There was 15 diabetic patients enrolled the study with stalled wound ulcer more than 8 weeks. Each patient received 20-30 min light treatment every day and lasted for 60 days. At the end of the study, the wound size had reduced 67% and pain level improved 59% (Figure 1).

Figure 1. To evaluate therapeutic effects of light treatment, we compared the change of life quality score of pain, feeling loss, abnormal sensory, activity difficulty and emotional difficulty. From the above chart, the pain score reduced significantly (p<0.001). The activity and emotional difficulty scores also reduced dramatically (p<0.001). It shows that the light treatment improved wound healing and symptoms.

    From December of 2011, we will study on various pain problems including neck pain, low back pain, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain and menstrual cramps. We will call volunteers through radio and newspaper advertisement and plan to collect 30 patients for each disorder. Each patient will receive a full course of treatment based on special protocols made for the above pain disorders.  For example, a patient with neck pain will light on affected muscle and neck area for 10 min each, 1 time/day, 2-4 weeks. After the treatment course, patients will be asked to evaluate their pain level and functional disability by a valid questionnaire (Neck Pain Disability Index Questionnaire).