The investigation began in 2021-2022 with significant wait times for the investigation of complaints. While a significant number of people were still waiting until the end of the year, the steps taken by LeO to become a more proportionate and flexible service have significantly changed the outlook. The report highlights the following: The annual report includes information on systemic issues reviewed this year, our analysis of individual applications, descriptions of our outreach and outreach activities, and much more. Welcome to the Open Data website of the Attorney General`s Office. The portal aims to improve transparency by providing access to public data and reports published and collected by the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland. The Attorney General encourages the use of comprehensive, up-to-date and primary public data. None of the publications are protected by copyright. Some records are not available through this portal because the data is private, confidential, or exempt from disclosure under applicable federal and state law. As for this second year of recovery, there is no complacency about the challenges ahead. However, there are clear and consistent indications that LeO is on track to a sustainable and sustainable level of good performance and high-quality services – one that meets the needs and expectations of users and legal service providers. Our office charter requires that we submit an annual report to the CFPB Director by November 15 of each year. Annual Report 2020 (PDF)Annual Report 2019 (PDF)Annual Report 2018 (PDF)Annual Report 2017 (PDF)Annual Report 2016 (PDF)Annual Report 2015 (PDF)All officers involved Reports of shootingsReporting of Unreported Incidents (PDF) This document contains the following information: Annual Report and Financial Statements of the Recourse Office for the Year Ended March 31, 2013 Below are the annual reports for the past five years.

The OCO has annual reports dating back to 1997. A historical annual report may be requested from the OCO. The Complaints Office today published the 2021/22 Annual Report and the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) invoice. It describes LeO`s progress in transforming the way it works so that complaints about legal services can be resolved quickly and as soon as possible. This measure has already made a profound difference for individual users and legal service providers. Despite the significant challenges we faced, we resolved 40% more cases than in 2020-2021, including 1,200 through early resolution. In March 2022, we closed a record number of complaints, and we are on track to halve the backlog by March 2023. It must be assumed that the legal ombudsman is willing and able to resolve individual complaints fairly and as quickly as possible. And more broadly, that it is a trusted voice in the industry, playing a comprehensive and active role in improving legal services for all. The Office of Legal Complaints, which was formally established on 1 July 2010, is responsible for overseeing the Legal Ombudsman. Contains the Ombudsman`s report to the Management Board. Each year, the OCO publishes an annual report on the statistics for the fiscal year.

The annual report also includes recommendations to DHHS, DHHS responses to recommendations, and any systemic recommendations. “Legal services play a particularly important role in our lives, accessible on the site of transitions or major transactions with potentially life-changing consequences. Additional Victims Services publications are available here. From consumer protection to open government, the Attorney General`s Office focuses on protecting Texans and enforcing Texas laws and the Constitution. “I am very pleased to say that 2021/22 was the year in which the legal mediator was put back on a stable basis. We tackled the challenges head-on and took radical action where it was right. If you would like to send something to the CFPB Ombudsman, please email or call us. 2022-2023 Request for Statutory Funding (PDF)2020-2021 Request for Statutory Funding (PDF)2018-2019 Application for Statutory Funding (PDF) Notification obligation on the premises of sexual enterprises Publications and resources for parents, families and employers The foundations we laid in 2021/22, have put LeO in a much stronger position to achieve our future goals for our clients. Although much remains to be done, we can look to the future with confidence and real dynamism. » Working in TexasStaff TrainingAgency Leave Policy (PDF) Administrative Law Handbook (PDF)Rural Community Impact Guidelines 2017 (PDF)Texas Private Property Rights Preservation Act Guidelines (PDF)Contracts for External Counsel Opinion Search by Category Archived Opinions of Attorneys General (1933 to 2014) Get independent help, unbiased and confidential to resolve process issues associated with interaction with the CFPB have occurred. This is an informal way to raise concerns, not a formal complaint. Veteran Contact PersonEmployee Compensation (PDF) In the extremely challenging context in which 2021-2022 began, the progress highlighted in this annual report and the financial statements is all the more significant.

Colonias Database – The Attorney General`s Office has created and maintains an extensive Colonia geographic database for the border region. The database stores accurate geographic and descriptive data on more than 1,800 areas of Colonia in 29 border districts. 2020 Annual Report on Cancelled Appropriations (PDF)2019 Annual Report Lapsed Funds (PDF)2018 Annual Report Cancelled Appropriations 2017 Annual Report (PDF)Cancelled Appropriations 2016 Annual Report (PDF)Cancelled Appropriations 2015 Annual Report (PDF) Internal Audit Plan 2022 (PDF)Internal Audit Annual Report 2021 (PDF) This document was submitted to Parliament in response to a legal requirement or as a return to an address and was submitted by Parliament for printing Ordered. from Commons. This file may not be suitable for assistive technology users. 2018 Published Operating Budget (PDF)2020 Published Operating Budget (PDF)2022 Published Operating Budget (PDF) Together, LeO`s drive for change, the progress it has made and the openness with which it has worked has made a profound difference. Ref: ISBN 9780102984330, HC 152 2013-14 PDF, 1.22 MB, 44 pages Business Vendor Performance Evaluation Procedures (PDF) Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force: 2020 Annual Report of Annual Activities (PDF).