[You may also©be interested in: Collection vehicles: regulation of temporary passenger transport serviceâ [Supreme Decree 003-2022-MTC] Article 1. Approval of Directive No. 003-2022-MTC/18 “Commercial rules for the prevention of fraudulent behaviour in obtaining a driving licence”, which forms an integral part of this Council Decision. not be deprived of the right to drive land transport vehicles by a final judicial decision having the force of res judicata. whereas SUTRAN, within the limits of its competence, has the power to impose administrative penalties in the areas within its competence, which are applied in accordance with the provisions of the national regulations approved in accordance with the provisions of Law No 27181, General Law on Transport and Land Transport; Article 3. provide for the publication of this resolution of the Management Committee and the Directive approved in Article 1 on the institutional portal of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (www.gob.pe/mtc) on the same day as the publication of this standard in the Official Gazette “El Peruano”. whereas the National Regulation on the Driving Licensing System, approved by Supreme Decree No. 007-2016-MTC, hereinafter the Licensing Regulation, aims to establish a system that guarantees the minimum requirements for drivers to drive a land transport vehicle, thereby contributing to the improvement of transport operations, the protection of the life and safety of persons and the prevention or minimization of the risks of the occurrence of events affecting traffic on public roads; Law No. Law 29370 on the organization and functions of the Ministry of Transport and Communications stipulates that the Ministry is exclusively responsible for national and international transport services; and jointly with regional and local authorities for regional and local transport services, transport and land transport; ii. Have a health certificate for driving licenses, issued, approved and registered in the national driver system. a.2 For category A and III driving licences, only:. This supreme decree is countersigned by the Minister of Transport and Communications.