What about the length of the blade? What is the legal duration in Minnesota or is there one? Depends on the knife. For a pocket knife with a 3-inch blade that he can possess, I`m curious if I did something wrong legally or if it was justified to surround me with three officers and escort me to my car. Doing more than anything else in front of my daughter was what really stuck with me. So I`m curious as to whether I misunderstood the laws I read or found myself in a situation of annoyed sheriff`s deputies? Keep me informed. Anyway, I stuck to it. Is there an age limit on the age you must have to carry a knife with a fixed blade? It`s technically illegal in New Mexico too, but I bought it here without any problems. It should be noted that unpublished opinions do not take precedence in the common law system. This means that a court can still find a knife as a “switch blade” even if it doesn`t meet the state`s definition against Quimby. The maximum penalty for violating Article 609 Abs. 1 Administrative offence and serious administrative offences, possession of a “blade knife”, depends on where the violation occurred.

If the crime takes place on residential property or in general, the maximum is up to 90 days` imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $1,000. If the crime takes place in a public residential area, parking lot or school zone, the maximum is up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $3,000. www.amazon.com/SZCO-Supplies-Hawkbill-Pruning-Knife/dp/B007C1R6AC/ref=sr_1_9?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1462611525&sr=1-9&keywords=hawkbill+knife In re the WELFARE OF C.R.M., child, 611 N.W.802 (2000) dealt with the problem of a folding knife with a four-inch long blade on school grounds. School staff regularly conducted “smuggling checks” of students` outerwear hanging from hooks in hallways. On Monday, November 2, 1998, the knife was found in the pocket of a coat belonging to a minor identified as C.R.M. Fortunately, the laws are fairly uniform in the state of Minnesota. The standard knife laws for each zone are contained in state Law 609.66. Individual cities and counties can make their own regulations, and in densely populated areas like Minneapolis, you should check local laws to be sure. But in most parts of the state, the terms of Law 609.66 apply. Anoka County – None Known Carver County – None Known Dakota County Ordinances Section F. Does not permit the possession or use of dangerous weapons in its parks. Hennepin County – No known order from Ramsey County.

parking rules; “It is illegal for anyone to possess or carry an air rifle, bow and arrow, knife with a blade three (3) inches or more in length, an arrow or projectile launcher, or any other dangerous or illegal weapon in a park.” Scott County Ordinances. Article 7 Unlawful detention, shooting, unloading. each weapon. Washington County Ordinances. County Parks Section 7. Possession and use of firearms/dangerous weapons/fireworks. It`s illegal. a.

have in their possession. any weapon. So I have a 9 inch stainless steel stiletto and I usually keep it in my bag when I`m not at home, is it illegal for me to carry it? Bc I`m still not so sure. The term “weapon” does not include (1), except when used as a weapon, a folding knife with a blade four (4) inches or less in length, measured in a straight line from tip to handle. Just curious if you are allowed to carry a 9 inch Bowie knife, the Scout is worn (on the butt) I have some tools on the sheath, like a firelighter, etc., Can I wear that? I admit Minneapolis and St. Paul probably wouldn`t be, but what about the outside? I have a WW1 trench knife that opens pretty quickly because of the spring inside – it`s not a button, so it`s not the exact definition of a switch blade, but it still has that spring. I wear it in self-defense because I am a girl who usually goes out at night for late shifts, I go to school away from home and I am alone most of the time. Would it be illegal for me to carry this knife with me (except in school zones)? It measures about 4 1/2 inches closed. And if I want to buy a knife to display in a suitcase, is there a maximum blade length? One day I asked a Duluth officer friend what the general rule was. He took my knife, opened it and placed the blade in a cross on the palm of his hand. He explained that a knife is wider than an officer`s hand, they tend to just take it. You can fight it, but until you do, they will take it with you.

Anything you can pack is valid in St. Paul as illegal (I found an exception for utility blades less than 1 inch long, but this becomes very specific). It could be argued that a folding knife in the pocket with the clip and top of the handle sticking out may be considered concealed, but there is no legal precedent to enforce this view. The simplified version of the law is this: You can own any knife you want in Minnesota, as long as it`s not a switch blade and you can carry any knife openly or secretly, as long as you don`t intend to harm others. There are more details than that and they have been discussed in the article. You can own a blade, but you just have to look at it. Is it illegal? We all know what metal knuckles look like, it`s those metallic things you`ve strung your fingers into to give your fist extra weight for a punch. However, if you have a metal peg that only has two holes, would it still be a metal peg? What if the metal peg is outside the knife handle, as is commonly found in First World War trench knives? Is it illegal to have a fixed blade knife (BArk River Bravo 1 LT) in a trunk when traveling through Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Utah, and California? I do not intend to carry this knife in public, except in Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks.

Like I said, you Google “21-foot ruler” and tons of stuff pops up. I advocate for the proper safe use of dangerous objects such as firearms, knives, broomsticks, chair legs, etc. And they don`t want people to be deprived of their basic rights because of bad property. However, I would like to point out that most criminals do not buy guns legally, just as most addicts do not need legal means to obtain their drugs. Note that this is not legal advice and there is no client-lawyer relationship. There are also county laws that also come into play, so be sure to check it out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments box below. Ramsey County limits the “length of the blade” to no more than three inches in its parks and recreation laws.

As for the other issues. I don`t know. I know it`s listed as a beak, but it`s really a karambit that is often and incorrectly listed as sippy knives. A modern Karambit is essentially designed as a weapon. Even when legitimately carried as a tool, it is large and looks like a weapon, which is sometimes enough to cause legal problems for the person who has it. Again, it`s important to check with your local state or county to make sure they don`t have their own regulations that supersede these state laws. But in general, knife laws in Minnesota aren`t very restrictive, assuming you exercise common sense and responsibility. If you need further advice regarding any type of firearms fees, please contact us. I use and carry an OTF style knife for my daily use. I live in a rural area and I use my knife every day to cut ball wires, ropes and open mail, etc.

It has a blade length of 3.25″. It`s in my bag every day, whether I`m on the field or at church on Sunday. For me, it`s an indispensable tool that I use every day. I guess it`s considered illegal because it`s automatic, but it never leaves my bag when I`m in town. I don`t know what the problem is, but I think as long as it stays in my pocket, there shouldn`t be any problems.