A barrage is something that comes quickly and violently – like a bullet or artillery attack or like a quick spraying of words. Sometimes in movies or news footage, the audience gets a glimpse behind a mounted gun and sees a heavy rain of bombs or bullets – called a barrage – approaching a target and sending so much captivity! as good as possible to hit a wide area. Words become a barrier when spoken or written in uncontrollable anger or with overflowing emotions: “Your speech on human rights has been a flood of passion. It was hard to follow, but we felt the intensity of their cause. You might be interested in the historical significance of this term. Search or search for Barrage in Historical Law in the Encyclopedia of Law. Search the dictionary of legal abbreviations and acronyms for acronyms and/or abbreviations that contain Barrage. Durchsuchen oder suchen Sie nach Barrage in der American Encyclopedia of Law, der Asian Encyclopedia of Law, der European Encyclopedia of Law, der UK Encyclopedia of Law oder der Latin American and Spanish Encyclopedia of Law.