These last features (thumb hole tree, grenade launcher or torch, and front pistol grip) are simply not allowed, so you don`t have them at all. California legal AR-15 rifle with detachable magazine and no prohibited features. Without the pistol grip, your AR won`t look as much like an AR, but you`ll quickly get an idea of the other handle that looks more like a shotgun handle, and you shouldn`t see any impact on your performance once you get used to it. The Thordsen FRS-15 Stock Kit allows you to make your pistol grip and shaft (which we`ll discuss later) functional with the same kit. As mentioned earlier, to be considered unusable, a rifle may not have certain functions, including the popular pistol grip or the less popular grenade launcher. California has added many laws in recent years, and it can be difficult to keep up with what`s legal and what`s not. These kits are available in a few different colors and a few generations, both of which are completely Californian legal. Ruger Mini-14 configured as a Californian legal rifle with detachable magazine. A semi-automatic center-fire rifle with any of these characteristics and a removable magazine is considered an “offensive weapon” under California law and is illegal. Under applicable California law, AR-15 rifles with bullet buttons are now considered assault weapons and must be registered by June 30, 2018. If you convert your rifle to a “no function” rifle, you do NOT need to register it as an assault weapon. A “no function” rifle is a fully functional rifle without the generic characteristics (or functions) that define an assault weapon (e.g., pistol grip, flash suppression, telescopic shaft, etc.).

An AR-15 “no function” medium-fire rifle CAN have a normal and fully functional magazine. Our CRG-15 rifle handle does NOT meet the California definition of a pistol grip (see details below*) due to the “forced” placement of the trigger hand lane; Therefore, we have classified this product as “Compliant Rifle Grip”. The CRG-15 handle is an important aspect of building a “non-functional” rifle. Until you do any of these things, you are in possession of an illegal firearm. If you live in California and missed the registration deadline for your “assault weapon,” inoperability is the only way to keep your rifle legal, functional, and in the state. We are not in stock with certain colors. Impeccable handles are also available here. Many featureless handles and shafts also require you to modify your handle so that there is no ideal place for your thumb. The different handles are the biggest difference in function and appearance between non-functional rifles and standard ARs.

We are not lawyers. Talk to one of them if you`re not sure if your gun is legal or not. Finally, we`ll also discuss a few pre-built, feature-free ARs that you can buy if you want an AR, but also need to make sure it`s legal in California. There are other ways to eliminate the pistol grip on your rifle to make it compliant or “no function,” but many of them aren`t comfortable or functional, like Kydex handle windings or grip fins. Many don`t look very good or are downright ugly! Others are very expensive and difficult to go back if you want to shoot in another state. On the other hand, our CRG-15 rifle handle is very affordable and requires only one screw for installation. We`ve also made it as comfortable and functional as possible, while keeping it consistent with the modern look of the AR-15 platform (it pairs well with other high-end furniture already on your rifle). We believe that our CRG-15 rifle handle is of the highest quality, best value for money, best look and the most comfortable “non-pistol” grip available on the market. We hope you agree! And if you want to buy a legal AR in California without having to deal with the hassle of a stationary magazine, a rifle without features is the only way. The MMG handle can also help you with your local laws.

I`m not familiar with all the other state laws, so I can recommend my 100% grip. Please look at your local laws and go with what you think is legally safe. We mentioned above that rib handles make most collaterals fundamentally useless because all your fingers are positioned on the right side of the gun. This is also called vertical anticipation. This is a vertical handle placed at the front of the rifle on the handguard and can be held as a pistol grip. But first, a warning: although the information discussed here is of a legal nature, this is not legal advice.