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The fast-paced and darkly comic series confronts social and moral issues as its characters constantly push the boundaries of the law. Alan Shore and Denny Crane are the unlikely like-minded people in crane, Poole and Schmidt`s high-cost litigant brigade. In addition, one of the founding partners, Shirley Schmidt, was lured to the Boston law firm to put the chaotic office in order. She keeps a watchful eye on everyone, especially Denny Crane – with whom she has an eventful history. Other lawyers at the firm include Brad Chase, an ex-Marine who is often in a test will with Alan Shore; and Paul Lewiston, the “lawyer`s lawyer” who is constantly trying to save Crane from himself. Then there`s Denise Bauer, a tough and smart senior partner who is on her way to becoming a partner and doesn`t let anything (including a messy divorce) get in the way. Another view of the programs that will be broadcast next (list format). The percentage of reviews of approved tomatometers that gave this movie a positive rating take a look at the most popular shows right now.