She remembers another MP: “There was an end that Vivian was blonde, and I did it – I did that, I have the Polaroids, and I`m beautiful, I looked like Faye Dunaway. in Bonnie and Clyde. It was beautiful. The beret was lit and the blonde. “Originally, it ended with us, and Vivian had blonde hair,” she explained in response to Barrymore`s memory of a rumor that the two characters were sailing together towards sunset. “I thought, `Oh, I`m blonde too.` And I thought, “We`re the lawyers` club now, and we`re friends.” We were obviously, you know, (it was) like the end of the best friend. According to Selma Blair, the unforgettable ending of the 2001 hit “Legally Blonde” was originally intended to double the blonde. “There was an ending where Vivian was blonde, and I became blonde,” the actor revealed. “I have the Polaroids. I looked like Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. The beret was lit and the blonde. Screenwriters Karen McCullah and Kristen Smith also noted other endings, including one in which Elle and Vivian, who is now also blonde, founded the Blonde Legal Defense Club and distributed flyers at Harvard Law School Quad. Another option was to end with a kiss between Elle and Emmett (Luke Wilson), but eventually the current conclusion was decided with Elle, who delivered the final speech from law school. The `Mean Baby` author recalled that she dyed her hair for the other alternate ending, with Elle and Vivian both being blonde: “There was an ending at which Vivian was blonde, and I became blonde,” Blair shared.

“I have the Polaroids. I looked like Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. The beret was lit and the blonde. “Or maybe there were. There was an end that Vivian was blonde, and I became blonde. I have the Polaroids, and I looked beautiful. I looked like Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. It was beautiful, the beret was on and the blonde. But no, this ending was simply not as strong as it became.

So it was abandoned,” Blair added. Selma Blair and Reese Witherspoon as Vivian and Elle in “Legally Blonde.” “The insinuation was that they were either best friends or that they had met romantically,” said Cauffiel, 46. She wrote about the rumors on Twitter in 2018 and shared a video of herself floating in a pool while wearing Elle`s signature pink sequined bikini. In a recent episode of the podcast “Shut Up Evan” (via The Independent), star Blair touched on the ending that Vivian and She brought together. A first version of the film would have suggested that Elle and Vivian found themselves in a relationship: “I love this idea! What a pleasure,” the “Cruel Intentions” star said before admitting she didn`t remember the scene in question (McCullah and Smith denied that the queer ending was filmed, but actress Alanna Ubach confirmed it. Blair tells ET that supporting Witherspoon during her career and her recent battle with multiple sclerosis means the world to her. More than a dozen moviesExpel all of Jason Voorhees` greatest moments this Friday in the 13th Deluxe Edition Blu-ray box set of 14 movies and a bonus disc with additional interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. She produced the Threequel via her Hello Sunshine banner and has since tapped her friend Mindy Kaling to write the script for Legally Blonde 3.

While producer/star Reese Witherspoon and writer Mindy Kaling have offered regular updates on the status of the project, an official list of actors and a plot have yet to be confirmed. Witherspoon, for his part, teased that the upcoming version of Legally Blonde will focus heavily on his character alongside Jennifer Coolidge`s Paulette. In an interview with ET in April, Kaling alluded to an overall experience. In an interview with “The Drew Barrymore Show`s Barrymore`s Backstage,” Blair revealed that her legendary role as the narrow-eyed Vivian Kensington initially ended with the death of her dark locs. “I love this idea! What a pleasure,” she said. Although Blair admitted that she did not remember the scene in question, she expressed support for the idea of a love story between Elle and Vivian. Vivian Kensington: [after She leaves] Four hours? Originally scheduled for May 2022, the film has been postponed indefinitely. “There`s a movement going on and the entertainment industry needs to be part of this cultural shift,” she wrote in a column for Variety published Tuesday. Cauffiel revealed, “Originally, there was a line where [her friend] Serena said, `What`s the one thing that makes us feel better and better no matter what? And I say, “Cunnilingus.” It was actually a line in the movie.

When we went to the premiere, we thought it was still that and slippery cut. Blair says she has “no idea” if her character is in the script, but she “publishes it there” in the universe she would like to be involved in. Just last month, Blair had a sweet reunion with Witherspoon at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. Blair added: “I`m friends with Karen [McCullah] and [Kristen Smith] who wrote it. But I would have liked it so much. Let`s go. I think it`s so much fun. Elle Woods: It`s so much better than that! Sorry, I have some shopping to do! During a 2021 oral history in honor of the film`s 20th anniversary, actress Jessica Cauffiel, who played Elle`s best friend Margot, told the New York Times that She and Vivian (Blair) were together, with romantic overtones. Blair added that the film ultimately chose to reject the idea because it “just wasn`t as strong as it had become,” noting that it was “beautiful” with the golden curls. “I mean, Reese Witherspoon, before I met her, I was such a fan.

I just thought she was so amazing,” she says. “Always having her support, even if she`s just a star on another galaxy, is still so meaningful to me and makes me feel so supported.” Last year, actress Jessica Cauffiel claimed that an early version of the film implied that She and Vivian might have ended up together, as they were seen holding hands in Hawaii at the end of the film. Witherspoon, 46, who starred in the original and its 2003 sequel Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde, previously confirmed she would return for a third installment in the franchise. Selma Blair on putting her stick in the first `DWTS` album (exclusive) However, the ending was eventually replayed to show Elle and her classmates at graduation, as early viewers weren`t fans of the original. The original “Legally Blonde” was released in 2001 and starred Reece Witherspoon as Elle Woods, a California sorority president who became a Harvard law student. The 2003 sequel “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde” ended with Elle targeting the White House. Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile Blair played preppy princess Vivian Kensington in the 2001 legal comedy. Although Vivian was initially cold with Reese Witherspoon`s Elle Woods when she arrived at Harvard Law School, the two became allies after She demonstrated her skills in the courtroom. It`s unclear which director “Legally Blonde 3” will go. But, of course, any “Legally Blonde” line is instantly iconic. “Reese really likes it, you know, she loves her fans and she loves this movie and it`s so much fun,” Blair continues. “I know she said when she saw [Top Gun:] Maverick and what nostalgia it was, and it`s like — we need to bring Legally Blonde back.” Witherspoon, for his part, supported Cauffiel`s claims.

“That`s right… The Little Fires Everywhere star wrote on Twitter at the time. “Legally Blonde is now such a joy, such a Technicolor classic,” Blair enthused about ET special envoy — and Blair`s friend — Amanda Kloots at a rehearsal of Dancing With the Stars on Saturday. “The second or third ending was a musical number on the steps of the courtroom, and when She came out, the judge, the jury and everyone in the courtroom burst into songs and dances,” Cauffiel continued. “I`ve been waiting for 20 years for someone to disclose this.” Legally Blonde, which was filmed in 2000, followed Elle Woods` determination to win back her boyfriend Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis) by accepting him alongside her at Harvard Law School. The comedy`s success spawned the sequel Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde in 2003, a direct SPIN-OFF on DVD called Legally Blondes in 2009, and the hit Broadway production Legally Blonde: The Musical, launched in 2007. “The first ending was Elle and Vivian in Hawaii in beach chairs, drinking margaritas and holding hands,” Cauffiel explained.