He had come to Italy to buy the name of the House of Gobignon, not to smear it further. The stove smoked a lot and the white walls were soon smeared with a layer of soot. Nowhere was there a cloud – an impeccable day in the middle of a week that threatened to stain the sky. He has a sense of honor and an instinct for revenge when he feels that his honor has been tarnished. Besmirch may sound a little weird, but it goes hand in hand with other hurtful words like defamation and slander. It can also literally mean staining something. So at that time, you were following the mud all over the new white carpet and then blaming your little brother? It was a double stain – smearing the carpet and then falsely blaming a brother or sister. If anyone works day and night to tarnish the reputation of the Pit Bulls, it is the Pit Bulls themselves. Although Couric included some of Ginsburg`s criticisms in the finished product, she decided to omit that particular beard, fearing it would tarnish the reputation of someone she was a “fan of.” Since the prefix be- in besmirch means “to do or to cause” when you stain something, you make him smile. What is a smile? A smile is a place, and smiling something means staining or smearing it. In a broader sense, the verb smile meant “to discredit or shame.” So Smirch and Besmirch mean essentially the same thing.

I hate tarnishing the reputation of an innocent dog, but often his personality is like a rabid pit bull. Search for every word in the dictionary offline, anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner`s Dictionary app. She had kept silent that they would not tarnish her father`s name and perhaps she would protect the other woman. Oxford Advanced Learner`s Dictionary Besmirch Definition I`ll idealize you until you get dirty – but you`re not a kid to do it without knowing it. Before Sullivan, states maintained strict defamation laws to protect the reputation of individuals in their communities from degradation. Her Maid is a diabolical attempt to tarnish the pure character of Joan of Arc. And I would never tarnish her reputation by suggesting that she did. Anchor it – yes; dirty him, make him superficially impure, unfit, bad – yes. Very close to the young lovers, a pagan shot dead a Christian with the stained head of a muse. Because the injustice and absurdity of English law had distorted and soiled their own perfectly legitimate actions.

Dirty means being dirty or smearing, especially someone`s reputation – like calling Billy a kickball cheater (even if you know he`s just better than you for bunting). We know a butcher whose children are not only dirty – they are anxious and wonderfully soiled by the hand of an artist. Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your essential guide to English language problems. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app.