Genesis Pain Relief Light
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What People Are Saying

Severe symptoms from carpel tunnel syndrome caused me a great deal of pain day and night. The drastic improvement I felt even after one treatment was amazing to me. I have had several treatments now and I am sleeping so much better, undisturbed by constant pain and numbness.


I am absolutely thrilled with the Genesis Health Light. I have a chronic pain condition and I have had exceptional results. Fantastic pain relief, greatly increased range of motion, and some healing process as well. I have had blood flowing to some muscles that I am quite sure have been contracted for years! I used the light daily normally 10-15 minutes a treatment, and I have had no adverse effects whatsoever.

My husband is using it as well. We are both quite dumbfounded at just how well it works. I don't know how to say thank-you.


After experiencing knee pain for about the last year, I was running out of ideas and solutions to relieve the pain. The discomfort and pain was interfering with my daily activities. I tried several over-the-counter medications and creams, and found that they only provided temporary relief. I decided to give the Genesis Health Light a try. It was painless and easy to do. I applied the light to the knee area for approximately 10 minutes, about three times a day. I followed this routine for approximately two weeks and noticed a significant improvement. The knee pain was gone. It felt wonderful! I was able to go on with my regular activities and all the things I enjoyed doing, pain free!

Thank you so much!

Sophia M

I have had two occasions to use the Genesis Health Light. On the first occasion I had torn my rotator cuff while practicing kick boxing. I was not prepared to have surgery and so I suffered in pain for months. My doctor told me about the benefits of light therapy and suggested I try it as an alternative to the surgery. I noticed a difference almost immediately and after about 11 hours of total treatment time I felt 100% better.

The second occasion I had damaged the nerve endings in both feet. I tried many different therapies to no avail, and even resorted to sleeping with braces on. After using the Genesis Health Light for 3 mins on 4 sections of each foot I noticed an immediate improvement. After several treatments there was almost no pain at all.

Kathryn S

After being told by my doctor that I needed surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome, I began to search for an alternative treatment. I found a clinic that uses Genesis Health Light, and after a couple of treatments the tingling and the numbness was gone. After a few more treatments, I am very happy and ready to enjoy my life again. I plan to buy my own personal Genesis Health Light as soon as they are available.


My 15 year old son broke his collar bone in a hockey game and upon examination by a fracture specialist was told he would be out of contact sports for at least 6 months. We decided to try the Genesis Health Light which we used twice a day for 10 minutes. We were told by the specialist that the pain would last a week or two however after 3 days using the light, the pain was gone. At this time he stopped taking any pain medication. Furthermore, his full range of motion returned after 4 weeks of using the light. While we can’t say for sure it was the light, we can say our son healed much quicker than expected.

Lori P

I am a police officer and recently while on the job I broke my hand. I was told I needed surgery which would require 4-6 weeks of recovery. I was willing to consider any alternative therapies to help speed up that process. That’s when I discovered the Genesis Health Light. It is my personal opinion that this device has made a huge difference for me and I would certainly not hesitate to use it in the future.

Brad L

When I fractured my arm I thought I wouldn't be able to drive all summer. I was told by my doctor, after he saw the xray, I'd be in a sling for at least 3 weeks and wouldn't be able to straighten my arm for a long time after. I started using the Genesis Health Light twice a day and after one week I was able to straighten my arm, and after one month I was able to drive again. I have to be honest, I thought there was no way it would work, but it really did! Thank you!

Val T


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