Genesis Pain Relief Light
Feel Better. Again.

What People Are Saying

My lower back felt great after one treatment with the Genesis Health Light. Typically after an hour in the driver’s seat it begins to stiffen up and become sore. To add to that I drove home, packed up the car, and drove another 600 miles to N. Carolina with no lower back pain. It wasn't until our return back home 10 days later that it began to bother me again. God bless.

Edward B

I found the treatments helped. I think with more treatments the pain would diminish totally.


After the second treatment there was a huge change in the reduction of pain and numbness. There is no more numbness or tingling at all, day or night.


The Genesis Health Light seemed to result in much less pain and discomfort with my daily activities. I especially noticed how much my sleep improved.


Simple tasks like reading the newspaper, writing, and using a keyboard caused numbness and tingling in my wrists and hands. The Genesis Health Light has provided considerable relief, and I would recommend it to anyone with similar symptoms.


I have found some relief from the pain in my wrist with the Genesis Health Light. I still have some pain but it is not severe anymore. This treatment has allowed me to use my wrist again. Thank you.


I found the Genesis Health Light helped me immensely. I have no more pain or tingling in my hand or wrist. I can’t wait for this product to be on the market. Thank you!


I play baseball and my wrists are so sore when I throw and catch the ball. It still hurts a bit, but nowhere near as much as it did. I also work on a computer, and I now find I can work much longer before I feel any strain. I would love to have my own light at home.



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