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What People Are Saying

Hi y’all, I’m Matt Dunigan. I met Tony Galipeau President and CEO of Genesis Health Light Corp at a charity golf tournament. He drove past me in his golf cart, pointed his finger at me and said; “I want to talk to you!” I thought “what the heck’s up with that guy?” but later, just before dinner he approached me and told me about this revolutionary new medical device, the Genesis Pain Relief Light. He explained that it was specifically designed to relieve pain and accelerate healing, blending traditional old science with new technology. It sounded too good to be true, and as you can imagine I’m constantly being approached about endorsing products. Having said that there was something different about this guy, and there was definitely something intriguing about this product. Tony never once asked me for anything except to take the Genesis Pain Relief Light home with me and try out on my many injuries. I was a bit skeptical at first I mean was this really going to help me with 14 years of residual pain as a quarterback in the CFL? Was this going to help me live a more comfortable day to day life? Believe me it did! I was so pumped by the results that I contacted Tony and told him that I would be prepared to make unpaid testimonial statements. I told him if this technology was around when I was still playing it would definitely have extended my career.  I also suggested that he get a light into the hands of each CFL quarterback as soon as possible.  The Genesis Pain Relief Light helped me relieve my pain and accelerate my healing time. I love the flexibility to treat my pain in the comfort of my own home, and you will too.

Matt Dunigan

As a former CFL player I have many nagging injuries from my playing days. In particular I have suffered with sore elbows for many years. It has affected my ability to work out and play golf, but it has also affected more basic tasks such as buttoning my shirt. Recently at a charity golf event I was introduced to the Genesis Pain Relief Light and decided to give it a try. After only two treatments I noticed a significant improvement.  I have encouraged several of my former team mates to try Genesis, and the consensus is that they have also achieved considerable relief from many areas of pain that were previously believed be chronic. There are many people very excited about the Genesis Health Pain Relief Light, including me! 

Phil J

After a 16 year Major League career, 5 surgeries, a broken neck, and countless collisions at home plate, I have to deal with my share of pain.

My Genesis  Pain Relief Light helps me stay active and pain free without the use of anti-inflammatory and pain medications
Just a couple short applications per week and I am pain free and out the door. I've even taken up hockey!

Current MLB Analyst and former MLB player

Greg Zaun
Toronto, Ontario

I have a very athletic background including 4 years of college football, and literally hours hiking the Pacific North West.  Since turning 40 my body, especially my ankles and knees have started to break down.  I’ve tried all kinds of pain relief remedies including drugs, but no effect. Then I heard about the Genesis, and decided with a 30 day money back guarantee I had nothing to lose. After 2 weeks of treatments the pain was gone.  Do yourself and your body a favor get the Genesis Pain Relief Light, say goodbye to nagging pain, and get your active life back!


Every day my job puts me at risk of sustaining injuries. As a professional basketball player I can’t afford to be out with injuries. I need to practice, and I need to play. Recently, I was part of the Canadian National Women’s team at an Olympic qualifier in Colombia. My team mates and I were introduced to Genesis Pain Relief Light and we received treatment for all kinds of injuries, from minor bumps and bruises to more severe strains and sprains. It’s a natural solution using broad spectrum light therapy, and it really works. If you’re like me and you don’t want to be on the injured list, then I highly recommend the Genesis Pain Relief Light.  Whether for work or for play, get a Genesis Pain Relief Light, and stay in the game.

S Thorburn
Canada Basketball

Recently I was hit in the shin by an errant golf ball. Xrays confirmed that I had a hairline fracture as well as massive swelling. I used the Genesis Pain Relief Light and after 3 days WOW what a difference. The swelling was almost gone. I would recommend this to anyone who has an injury or is in pain.

Larry S

Earlier this year I had a bicycle accident and separated my shoulder and severely sprained my wrist.  I was told that at a minimum it would take 6 weeks for the soft tissue to recover and then physio after that to regain strength and range of motion.    Using the Genesis Pain Relief Light  twice a day for about 5 weeks, and then once a day thereafter I was able to significantly reduce the amount of pain, and accelerate the healing process.   I was back lifting weights within 10% of my pre-injury level by the 7th week, much faster than I would have expected.   The Genesis Light  shortened my healing time, and allowed me to get back to my usual activities sooner.  

Chris. L. (Toronto)

My daughter had ankle pain for a several months from gymnastics. We decided to try the Genesis Health Light, and the results were awesome! My daughter wore ankle braces every day to gym and now she hasn't used them in over two months. Thanks so much!

Happy V


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